The Little Piggy Who Could… and Did

Sassafras_eBook_Cover WEBAuthors: Janet Feduska Cole and Andrew Jonathan Cole

Release Date: December 2014

Illustrator: Janet Feduska Cole


ISBN –  978-1941859070

Retail: $14.36, $10.95 on this site

A Profile in Courage! Actual events inspired the writing of The Little Piggy who could… and Did. We have named the piggy heroine of the story, Sassyfrass, to protect her real identity. Sassyfrass is a little piggy, blessed with ingenuity and perseverance. Trapped in a truck on its way to the market and faced with danger and overwhelming odds, she manages to save not only herself, but all the other piggies in the truck as well. Sassyfrass’s heroism doesn’t stop there. She manages to rescue other distraught little animals encountered along the road during her journey to safety. This little piggy’s story is an inspiration to all of us!

      The Little Piggy Who Could … and Did is the first of a four book series for children, a collaborative effort between Janet and Andrew to promote compassion and caring for all little animals. Included in the series are: The Continuing Adventures of Sassyfrass, Sassyfrass Spreads the Wealth, and Sassyfrass’s Outdoor Adventures. Throughout this series, Sassyfrass imparts her special values.


This is a wonderful book, written for children, however, appropriate for adults. The book teaches kindness, PEACE, empathy, and love. The piggy concept is an analogy for we are all God’s children; a good reminder of Martin.Luther King’ s philosophy of equality and justice for all. We are still living in a nation of racism and injustice concerning people of color “The Little Piggy Who Could..and Did”, is a good lesson for all ages.
Sweet Story! As a former teacher, I would highly recommend this book. Its lesson of peace and tolerance is subtle, yet beautifully written. Great for the whole class, or for family bedtime reading.
A 5 Star rating by Readers’ Favorite. A wonderful story with elegantly drawn illustrations.
Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite
This is a wonderful children’s book, introducing young readers to the concepts of bravery, integrity, and perseverance. The elegantly drawn illustrations contribute to a fun and exciting adventure story. It teaches young readers that despite all of life’s obstacles, if you are brave, believe in yourself, and have the will to succeed, you can. The authors do an excellent job of allowing young readers to feel comfortable with the story, the elements, and the lesson and message being portrayed.

Also by Michelle Robertson from Readers’ Favorite

Thank you for writing this story. After I review children’s books, I test them out on my own children to gauge their responses. After all, they are the ones who matter the most. I read the book to my 3 year old daughter who absolutely loved the book. Everytime I open my computer, she asks to read the little piggy book again! Needless to say, it was a hit with her! Thank you for writing and keep up the great work!

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