The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear: Encounter at Jellyfish Cove

DutraLorenzoBCAaWEBAuthor: Carmela Dutra

Release Date: October 2013

Illustrator: Carmela Dutra

ISBN –  978-0-9910993-0-6

$10.95 Retail $8.95 on this site

      This is a story about a very brave Bear named Lorenzo. Lorenzo is not your average bear; no for Lorenzo is special, very special indeed! Every day Lorenzo practices his sword fighting in hopes that one day he might meet a real live pirate. His friends felt it was a waste of time to practice. What were the chances that he would ever meet a pirate? Little did they know that day would come when Lorenzo would have to fight a pirate.

      Carmela Dutra is a children’s story author who lives in San Jose, California. She is a photographer and graphic artist who has also taken creative writing classes. She started writing the Lorenzo the Bear series of stories for her niece and nephew who were 8 & 9 years old. She is also the illustrator for her books. The stories have the underlying message of friendship, helping ones in need and displaying courage when friends are in trouble.


“Excellent book to read aloud with enthusiasm. While enjoying Lorenzo’s Adventure you and your child can engage your imagination and join in. It’s beautifully illustrated so that your child can help tell the story or add to it. No doubt this will be the book that is read again and again and again and again…..” – Irma P

“The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear Encounter at Jellyfish Cove is a delightful children’s book that will appeal to both boys and girls alike. Filled with descriptive characters, combined with vintage style of illustrations this story really comes alive! Any child who reads this book will be drawn to Lorenzo and want to join him in rescuing Lucy. I like how it kind of had a classic fairytale feel to it, rescuing the damsel in distress but it had a modern twist. He’s a bear that sword fights and has to go up against an evil pirate named Lord Borris the red Red-Butted Baboon. I also appreciate the message of story even though Lord Boris is clearly evil, Lorenzo tries to see the good in him. That is something all children can take away from the story; wonderful lesson looking past peoples faults to see the good in them. If you want a story that has good lessons, classic illustrations, and descriptive characters; The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear is the book for you!” – Rheaecho

“Any child that wants to be a [insert “pirate”, “wizard”, “Indiana Jones type”] will related to Lorenzo the Bear who practices each and every day with his sword just in case he meets a pirate and has to fight him. This imaginative story has a colorful cast of memorable animal characters, such as Lord Boris the Red-Butted Baboon, that brings a smile to kids and adults alike.” – Stephanie Ward

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