Hello Teeny Pheeny


Author: Karen Emma Hall

Release Date: December 2014

Illustrator: Karen Emma Hall

$10.95 Retail $8.95 on this site

Welcome to the land of Magic Owls! It’s Lord Snoots birthday, and he’s waiting for Boohoo Village’s Postmistress Mrs. Phoenix to arrive with a bagful of presents. However, today of all days she is very, very late, and Mrs. Phoenix is never late. It’s time to investigate.In the first book of the series you can find out how to get to the Magic Village of Boohoo, and meet all the charming inhabitants, such as Lord Snoots the Sooty Owl, and Mr Gadgie the grumpy Owl, and more!

 Customer Reviews 

The combination of the lovely illustrations and text, easily transports the reader into the owl-filled village.

Oozing with charm!

A MUST HAVE children’s story!

Beautifully illustrated!

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