Benny the Bully


Author: Jermaine McIntyre

Release Date: February 2013

Illustrator: Chris Moebs

ISBN 978-0-9889687-0-7

$10.95 retail/$8.95 on this website

      This is the story of Benny the Bully who once was a pushy, impatient, and sometimes unpleasant person to be around. That is until one day Benny’s friends told him that until he learned to treat others with kindness and respect, they didn’t want to play with him anymore. The first day or so Benny played all by himself. By the next day, Benny missed his friends and decided maybe he could do something to win them back. As Benny works to regain the trust and respect of his peers a miraculous thing happens! Benny starts to feel really good about himself and his self-confidence soars. Join Benny on a journey that leads him from school yard bully to a good friend to all.

Reviews –

“My two toddlers love to read this book over and over. The names and illustrations are fun and vivid! Get it!” – N. Sherrill

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