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      The world of publishing for children and young adult books has changed. Publishers Row can no longer afford to take chances on undiscovered writers, regardless of talent or the merits of manuscripts. Predacious self-serving self-publishing companies seek only short term profits and reinvest nothing in authors or their careers. At Pegasus Pony, we know many authors of future best sellers simply have nowhere to turn. That is why we specialize in publishing first-time and unknown authors. We want to help you build your status and career as a writer as you help us build our company. We are the “new” traditional publishers, unencumbered by the old paradigm that places authors in an inferior and supplicant position, their works dismissed by a rigid corporate structure that does not consider merit. Because we work with cutting edge technologies, we can afford to take chances on books that the “old guard” traditional publishers cannot afford. Thus we represent the future of publishing in the 21st century.


      What does this mean to you as an author? It means you, if you meet our publishing qualifications, have more influence and control over the development, production and promotion of your work. As a Pegasus Pony author, you will be at the vanguard of the ongoing transformation of global publishing, and with our company, you will always benefit from the latest publishing technological advances as they evolve. When “the next big thing” arrives for the industry, you will already be there!

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  1. Hi, I have Been in contact with your company through Twitter. I am following up with you in regards to becoming an illustrator for your publishing company. It would be an honor to illustrate for other authors. I also would be interested in becoming one of your children’s book authors myself in the future. I havie been working very hard over the past couple years to establish myself as a competitor through social networks. I am hoping when the time is right to release my own book/books I already have a great Author platform and a recognized name by many potential markets for sales ability.
    I would like to know how to be put onto a list of illustrators in your company. I can send a portfolio to you or give you a link to my blog site for you to look through and follow updates as I post. I add art and stories on a regular basis. It has been very successful over the two months it has been live.
    Thank you so much for showing an interest in my work and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Carolin Palmer

  2. Do you require illustrations to accompany picture book submissions to Pegasus Pony or do you provide the illustrations when a PB manuscript is accepted for publication?

    Thank you,
    Ann Harrell

  3. Hello,

    I wandered across this website from Twitter, and I’d like to know more about what this company’s publishing package looks like for an author. Such as, would the work be print, digital, both? Would Pegasus Pony offer the author any kind of promotion, or is that all on the author? Are the agreements for “traditional” publishing, or is this a hybrid/self-publish package?

    I’m an emerging author with an older YA focus, but I have some old things that I think would be great for a younger audience, such as a chapterbook/middle grade experience. Are there any authors with Pegasus Pony doing a series in those age groups right now?

    Thank you for your time,
    Sydney Scrogham

  4. I self published my book with the intention of it simply being a personal project to use with my kids. It has started to get noticed and sold over 250 copies. I’ve even begun to do public readings and some promotion. I’ve read through the submission requirements and I’m not sure if would consider my work. Can you please advise me?

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