Jermaine McIntyre

Jermaine McIntyre      My name is Jermaine McIntyre and I was born and raised in the Oak park area of Sacramento, Ca. I love spending time with my family, sports, camping , coaching and fishing. I recently began my first season as an amateur bass fisherman on the Future Pro’s Tour.

      When I tell people that I was bullied as a child they seem surprised because I’m a pretty big guy but when your a 1st grader and the perpetrator is a 6th grader, size usually doesn’t factor in. 30 years later when it seemed all those feelings had been suppressed, my daughter, after attending a new school had a similar experience and it pained me very deeply. It was shocking to realize that after all these years nothings changed. It was at that very moment I knew I wanted to do something to make a difference, something that would allow be to get in front of kids and do whatever I can to change our culture. Shortly after Benny was created which gave birth to Benny The Bully and grew into The Benny The Bully Foundation.

      I think this book is unique because even though all the other methods we are encouraged to use against bullying like, Take A Stand and Tell an Adult are great tools, I believe ultimately the strongest tool we have in this fight is to teach our children to love and care for one another. When Benny learns the power of love, everything changes.

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