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Janet Feduska Cole Janet Feduska Cole, along with her husband Ed, is passionate about preserving the environment and protecting the lives of innocent creatures. Janet has previously authored Cancelled: Stamps to Die For and Dead Letter: Addressee Unknown. She is currently completing theWhistleblower’s Concierge, the third in the philatelic Mystery, History, Adventure, and Stamps series. Janet resides in a suburb of Chicago with her two “attack” poodles and husband. www.jafcolebooks.net www.janetfcole.com

The Little Piggy Who Could … and Did is the first of a four book series for children, a collaborative effort between Janet and Andrew to promote compassion and caring for all little animals. Included in the series are: The Continuing Adventures of Sassyfrass, Sassyfrass Spreads the Wealth, and Sassyfrass’s Outdoor Adventures. Throughout this series, Sassyfrass imparts her special values.In The Little Piggy Who Could… and Did, the precocious little piggy demonstrations how one must be perseverant when working towards a goal. Her efforts benefit others as well as herself.In The Continuing Adventures of Sassyfrass,  Sassyfrass’s friendship with a diverse collection of animals establishes how relationships with those a little different from us can be very rewarding.In Sassyfrass Spreads the Wealth, Sassy and her little friends exhibit teamwork when they collaborate to save the animal sanctuary from the evil banker.

In Sassyfrass’s Outdoor Adventures, Sassyfrass and Otis discover animals unlike any Sassyfrass has ever before encountered. Otis, who once lived in the forest, identifies for Sassy the wonderful wild creatures and explains how they survive in the wild.           

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